Blue Pug laughing

We have worked with a lot of different companies across all different sectors:


Far too many to mention including construction, highways, e-commerce, vehicles, design, retail, restaurants, travel, publishing and communications. We have just as much fun with our SME friends as we do with our big global. And we find that we can really help them, it’s just a matter of scalability.

Professional Services

Including legal eagles, accountancy, audit, management consultancy, client management and marketing.

Financial Services

Including all the big banks, all the big building societies, insurance, payment services and investments.

Global Telecomms

Including digital, mobility, cyber security, cloud and IT.


Including electronics, the Web, artificial intelligence, software, hardware and infrastructure.

Public Sector

Including local authorities, healthcare and the emergency services, education and of course the big daddy that is central government.


Including gas, water and electricity.


Including newspapers, www. and broadcasting.

And we’ve done even more

Including hospitality, construction, highways, manufacturing and transport.

A little secret

Our pack leader specialises in telecoms and technology and has worked with all of the big global tech companies. She knows a lot! Ssshhhhhhh.

We have worked with a lot of people and lots of different countries and cultures. Sometimes virtually, sometimes we pack a bag and do this face-to-face. Just some of the places we have been held in dog quarantine for are shown on the map below: