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Helping you win more business
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Helping you win more business
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We’re a friendly bunch

You’re welcome to come and talk to us. We don’t bite.

We train

A whole bunch of stuff from the very beginning to the end of the journey and all the bits in between.

Our most popular courses include ‘Capture’, ‘Writing to Win’, ‘Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), ‘Executive and Other Summaries’, ‘Winning with Customer Focus’, ‘Compelling Proposals‘ and we can even make it up just for you because we think you’re special.

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We write

With all our experience and the training that we deliver, we’re good at this. We know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but we can help you clever people. It could just be a refresher, maybe it is help to write an executive summary, (did you know this should be drafted before the kick-off), or it could be how to write in a more customer focused way. Whichever, we will be able to add value.

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We review

There are so many different reviews in a variety of colours. What’s your win strategy, how about your competition, what’s our content going to look like. Have we answered the exam question. Is it written in a customer focused way, right down to the simple stuff…is it grammatically correct. And we could go on and on…they’re all important though no?

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We manage

Oh my, who knew that managing all the content, process, customer, submission, the milestones documents and reviews and roles and responsibilities and humans, not to mention the curve balls… would be so difficult... Don’t worry we can help.

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We design

A bit like us, it’s got to look good. It’s got to be appealing and easy for the evaluator to find the stuff that we are trying to tell them and definitely the stuff they have asked for. Do you know how many graphics you are meant to have? It’s more than you think and who even knows what an action caption is? But it’s ok because we’ve got members of our pack who are clever and have really good skills and kit who can help.

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Tim yellow

I’ve known Jeanne for over 20 years and knew when she started BluPug, it would be a success with her exceptional work ethic and knowledge. Therefore, when we had a large complicated tender to deliver, there was only one person, company, I wanted to support our team.
Jeanne and Anna, kept the team on track, were challenging when needing to be and gave some fantastic insight into what and where our challenges would be and how we should overcome them.
This was the best tender response I’ve been involved in, and when we have another to deliver, we will 100% engage with Jeanne and BluPug.

Tim Mercer
CEO, Vapour Cloud
Tom grey

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we were successful in our recent bid. Even though our engagement with you was somewhat late for this RFP, it was very beneficial and have no doubt contributed somewhat towards our success. A big thank you for your support! Let’s hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

with all my DB

With all my previous experience winning bids I wasn't expecting to learn as much as I did. thanks so much to the trainers.

Owen yellow

Probably one of the most qualified and experienced Bid Management professionals in the UK. Jeanne combines expertise, passion, and a genuine appreciation for her colleagues to deliver outstanding results.

Owen Sutton
Head of Bid Management
Karen grey

Had the absolute pleasure of working on a number of large projects over the past 12 months with the Blupug team. I’ve found the work ethic to be exemplary and attention to detail is second to none at every step. The team’s ability to understand exactly what is needed and articulate in a way in which the client can always understand, is what sets them apart. Professionalism is a constant, but so is friendly and fun.

Karen Mclaughlin
Consultastic MD
Kelly DB

Jeanne is the most talented Bid Manager I know, she has an unrivalled skill in that she can take the most basic of information from SMEs and transform it into the most compelling bid response. If ever there was a large complex/strategic bid, Jeanne was always first choice to manage the end to end process, knowing she would leave no stone unturned.

Kelly Cross
Head of Business

I found the training to be delivered at exactly the right pace and in a manner that accommodated the various experience and roles. It was engaging, insightful and broken down to make it not only easy to understand but also how to put it into practice.

Richard Rich
Deb Grey

I’ve worked with Jeanne and BluPug across a multitude of projects, in various different organisations and can honestly say that Jeanne’s ability and attention to detail from capture through the complete bid and project cycle is what ensures timely award winning bids. Jeanne’s ability write content from inception, bring ideas to life, conceptualising them to truly be aligned to customers business outcomes is what sets her apart. Her ability to bring the whole team on the journey, makes for a truly customer focused, single voice approach, ensuring team members completely understand key drivers and how to deliver against them. Whenever I’ve had Jeanne and her teams on my projects, we have always seen success. Could not recommend enough!

Deborah Gunner
Director Tata Communications
materials yellow

The presenters brought the materials to life in an insightful and highly impactful way, with humour and humanity as well as a wealth of experience and evidence.

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